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SolePath gemstone Jewelery

Gemstones are a gift from the earth and each has a distinctive energy vibration that harmonizes with the natural flow of energy of your SolePath.
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Micro-guard pyramid

Four gemstones, recommended by Seth to reduce the effects of wireless radiation and EMF on the body.
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Deep space clearing kit

The act of space clearing transforms the energy of a space by eliminating negative residual energy that has built up over time.
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SolePath book

"This book is the story and the teachings of SolePath. So that those who read this book are inspired towards their own body of work." Seth
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SolePath workshops & retreats

Join us for inspiring workshops and retreats where we will gently guide you to taking your next best step.
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SolePantry provides healing energy recipes and ingredients; possibilities for your SolePath journey so that everyday can be better.

SolePath energy tools are specially chosen to help you live in your LightPaths. Things that you can do outside of you, to balance the energy inside of you to make it easier to choose your LightPaths. Everything is energy and these tools are an energy match for your SolePath. By balancing and harmonizing the natural flow of energy for your SolePath, you make it easier to choose your LightPaths.

Sometimes the tools act as a reminder, for example when you feel the gemstone in your pocket, or smell the essential oil and sometimes these beautiful energy tools just do the work for you, creating balance and harmony in your life.

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