We are so thankful that you have requested the SolePath energy analysis. When we
have completed your SolePath energy analysis, we will connect with you by email. You
will receive your personal, unique, amazing SolePath in a commemorative pdf certificate
that may be framed, used as a screen saver and generally cherished in any way you
see fit. On this record will be your name, library of records number and SolePath braid of two
LightPaths and one DarkPath.

When you have the names of your SolePath, return to our website to the page
called ‘find your SolePath’. Here you will find 22 buttons, one for each of the 22
SolePaths, and three of them belong to you. Cool hey!

Click on each of the buttons and immerse yourself in the gifts and greatness of each
path. You will find a full written description, a Dr. Debra video and a 2-minute audio,
which can be used as a daily reminder.

No two SolePaths are alike; each person experiences their SolePath in a completely
unique way. There is nobody out there like you, each of us is one in a billion and
that is why it is so important that we get to know who we are born to be and take
the steps to discovering our gifts and greatness.