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SolePath energy
analysis for you
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SolePath for
addiction and recovery
Discover SolePath for yourself or a loved one. Take this step to discovering your gifts and greatness.
SolePath provides clear direction for creating a future meaningful and beautiful life after recovery.
SolePath for countries,
regions and cities
SolePath for health
and healing
SolePath for students and educators
For places, the SolePath energy permeates the land and impacts the culture and the people.
When you live life in a place of expanded energy, from your LightPaths, great mental and physical health is possible.
SolePath provides strategies for educators and students; learning styles and keys to communication.
SolePath for
successful relationships
SolePath for
SolePath for athletes,
coaches and teams
SolePath is a personal analysis that provides navigation for long lasting, successful relationships.
Yoga is a way of life; SolePath is the direction for your lifetime; together they provide a way to live life to its fullest.
Knowing the SolePath of an athlete provides incredible insights into motivating them to greatness.