SoleStudy is the philosophical exploration of being.

Together the SoleStudy group will navigate topics ranging from quantum physics, consciousness studies, spiritual philosophy, great minds like Jesus, Einstein and Ghandi, non-duality and time/space. Together we expand our awareness of grand questions such as, what is my purpose and why are we here. Not with the intent to come to one conclusion for all; but for each individual with openness of mind to seek personal spiritual discernment.

Believe nothing. No matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense ~Buddha~

Vision for the group

“Using the intellect (left brain activation) – through books, videos and articles; an open source exploration will be the path to an expanded horizon of thought. Using meditation (right brain activation) – to compliment what is learned in the intellect, for each gathering I will be guiding a meditation that is complimentary to the explorations we are tuned into. In this way we can begin to call what is learned into experience.

The structure of this study group will be a once a month gathering to discuss and meditate on the work we are moving through together. I will facilitate the SoleStudy work, providing structure and guidance for group discussion and direction. Each month I will provide a book title and other videos/articles (open for individual study throughout the month) that are supportive of the topics we are exploring. The gathering will be an easeful and social experience to connect with those who are searching for more. In this way, we may grow together and create support for positive life momentum.” Vanessa Sikomas

Who is Vanessa

Vanessa’s SolePath is double spiritual, she is a spiritual balance and spiritual mystic, and her joy comes from exploration of the metaphysical. She is a yoga nidra teacher whose practice focuses on the subtle cues that allow mental, emotional and energy body transformation. Join her in her SoleStudy group as she guides you through discussions of the inexplicable and shares with you teachings that challenge your reality.

SoleStudy calgary

What: SoleStudy is the philosophical exploration of being.
When: first tuesday of every month, october till june.
Starts: tuesday october 1, 2013
Time: 7:00pm till 9:30pm
Where: SolePath institute, 716 brookpark dr sw, calgary, alberta, canada
Cost: $20/mth october till june, plus the cost of the book each month
Host: Vanessa Sikomas, spiritual balance and spiritual mystic

If you would like to join Vanessa’s Calgary SoleStudy group, contact her at

SoleStudy online

If you live further afield and are interested in SoleStudy please send her a request stating your interest in participating in a future online study group