How your SolePath energy analysis is completed

We often get asked how we do our incredibly accurate SolePath readings. They are NOT done using cards, or psychic connections or any other means of foretelling.

SolePath energy analysis takes place at the Calgary SolePath Institute, a space that is energetically cleared and balanced to ensure unobstructed connection to the field. It’s also an inspiring, comforting place for our analysts to complete their metaphysical energy work. Our analysts understand that delivering the correct SolePath to each individual is a sacred responsibility. We all take this very seriously.

SolePath readings are completed using specially crafted copper dowsing rods.  SolePath analysts train for years in the proper way to dowse and complete energy measuring.

We use your headshot selfie, your date of birth and your full name to get your SolePath measurements. These personal links to you provide an anchor to the Field of Energy for our SolePath certified analysts.

Photographs are used for the analysis to provide a very stable structural link to the field of energy. We have learned that each SolePath analysis can only be done once and therefore it must be done right the first time. In our process, just as in quantum mechanics, the way you look at things changes what you look at. The first look, correctly done, is always perfect. If a person is analyzed more than once, it is possible that they could get a different SolePath reading. The first analysis, completed by a highly trained SolePath certified energy analyst, is the correct analysis.

Every SolePath personality profile is authenticated and approved by two analysts who work together. The first analyst completes the SolePath reading and the second analyst validates and verifies their connection to the field. The record is then filed in the SolePath Institute library of records; an exclusive community of people who are striving to make a difference.

It takes us about five days to complete the analysis, but most of the time we aim for less than that. We don’t want to keep you waiting, we understand how exciting it is to request your SolePath, we really do. Our focus is on working quickly while staying true to the process and our deep understanding that accuracy is our first priority.

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