Looking for some daily guidance, need help with your next best step, have a question? We have created three divination decks to help you receive answers and get guidance.

Here’s how you use this SolePath divination tool:

  • First, set your intention: ask, ‘please may I have guidance on …’
  • Second, click a card from each of the decks below, in this order (from left to right) – SolePath navigation, Seth divine guidance , oracle tools.
  • Third, trust that you are receiving the perfect cards, with the perfect guidance, for exactly what you need.

Sometimes the understanding takes time to unfold, so keep a record of your question and the divination guidance so that you can revisit the reading and allow the wisdom to unfold. We suggest keeping a journal or taking a screen shot (To learn how to take a screenshot follow these instructions), recording the date and the intention for the reading.

SolePath the path to purpose to a beautiful life. Seth our principal SolePath guide. Healing recipes and ingredients so that every day can be better.