Beyond recovery into a life of inspiration and hope. SolePath helped us understand why we were choosing addictive behaviors and supports our life journey beyond recovery and choosing to thrive.
Rick and Susan

Addiction is generally defined as the continued use of a substance or engaging in a behaviour, despite the adverse consequences for the individual or those around them. The more typical addictions include; drugs and alcohol, food, sex, gambling or any compulsive behaviours that interfere with normal life. However, we would also like you to consider addressing any repetitive behaviours (negative self-talk, yo-yo dieting, negative body image, as some examples) that have adverse consequences to your life as well.

If you, or a loved one is struggling with any of these types of behaviours and you would like to have an open conversation with someone, contact the SolePath institute.

You are not alone…

During your karmic conversation, with empathy, compassion and neutrality, you will be offered guidance and a variety of resources to consider. One of which, is knowing your SolePath.

Knowing the SolePath of the individual will not only help with a more comprehensive look at the potential root causes of the behaviour and it’s unwanted results, but will also provide clear direction for creating a meaningful and beautiful life after recovery. SolePath can help you with choosing to thrive.

If you are working with addictions and would like to know more about SolePath and recovery, contact us at