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Enjoy this complimentary audio version of the book – SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life.
There are 9 parts to the SolePath audio book, click the button for each part to download that section. Each file is a zip file which contains the mp3 for you to download and play on your computer, tablet, phone, or music player. We have also included all the parts in 1 zip file if you would rather download all the sections of the book at once.

SolePath Audio Book Introduction (3.3 MB)
In this introduction you will hear the beginnings of the journey of the creation of SolePath.
“This book is the story of SolePath and of Debra’s ability to hear the teachings of SolePath. She models for others how this can be done. So that those who read this book are inspired towards their own body of work; the great truth that will be theirs.” Seth

SolePath Audio Book Section 1 Beginnings (34.2 MB)
“Dying, its like being in a fog with the lights turned on. You can’t see a thing but it is very bright. Even the sound is both expanded and muffled. I know, I have been there. This knowing became a big part of the creation of the SolePath original body of work.” Dr. Debra
Content: a mysterious life; beliefs and philosophy; Dr. Debra’s guides; origins of SolePath; what is SolePath.

SolePath Audio Book Section 2 Seth’s SolePath Teachings (16.9 MB)
“A new energy is unfolding. You, souls on earth at this time, are the pioneers. All is well. More and more will begin to ask ‘how may I serve?’ the energy will move from me to us, it it the destiny of your planet.” Seth
Content: SolePath and your health; choices and behaviour; Seth’s time tools; destiny versus free will.

SolePath Audio Book Section 3 SolePath for You (37.2 MB)
“For there is only one great adventure and that is inward towards self, for that, time nor space nor even deeds matter.” Henry Miller.
Content: how your SolePath is analyzed; the 22 SolePath’s; SolePath excerpts.

SolePath Audio Book Section 4 SolePath Insights (21.7 MB)
“SolePath is not a belief system. It is simply the way for you to navigate your life; the experiences, the people, the joy and the difficulties.” Dr. Debra
Content: understanding your SolePath; SolePath key factors; SolePath community; SolePath daily ritual; what SolePath has meant for others.

SolePath Audio Book Section 5 SolePath and Life (31.6 MB)
“Navigation: it is the knowledge, it is the boundary within which you will flow, it is the way ahead. SolePath is the path.” Seth
Content: healing, counselling, education, business and human resources, yoga, addiction and recovery, athletes and sports teams, animal behaviour, travel.

SolePath Audio Book Section 6 SolePath Energy Tools (21.2 MB)
“Evolution … it a cooperative process, a finely tuned and constant striving for harmony between a living thing and its world.” Lynn McTaggart, The Bond.
Content: pendulum, energy tools for each category.

SolePath Audio Book Section 7 Your Great Truth (7.5 MB)
“Every man or woman who marries into this house, every child, has to put their gifts at its disposal. If we could manage to pool all of that; if we could each do what we can do; then Downton has a real chance.” Downton Abbey, period drama created by Julian Fellowes.

SolePath Audio Book Section 8 Sacred Downloads (1.5 MB)
“In SolePath you uncover the path to the work the person came to earth to do. By work I do not mean the job, I mean what they came to earth to do. Not only for themselves but for others, An intuitive creator came to live a beautiful life and to create beauty for others. An intuitive builder came to live with abundance and to create abundance for others. An intuitive solitude came to access imagination and to manifest imaginative ideas for others to share. This is the ‘we’ and the ‘us’.” Seth

SolePath Audio Book – the complete works – all sections (176.6 MB) SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life, Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D