Your face helps you understand what is holding you back; the choices, habits and behaviours that have brought you to now. SoleFaces provides the answers to questions related to your habits and behaviours and why you continue to do the things you do. SoleFaces helps with why you may be stuck and what could be blocking you from living in your light.

SoleFaces is about habit. It is about habitual behaviour that leads you down the rabbit hole, in relationships, in behaviour, in workplaces. SoleFaces is the patterns and habits that have brought you to here. Seth

Your face provides the clues to the habits and behaviours that are holding you back from living in your greatness. Your face shows the blocks that stop you from being who you are born to be and what you are meant to be doing with your life.

Your face is the road map of your life experiences
Your face is the story of where you have been, and who you have been
Your face shows the impact of others in your life

Your face is the truest indication of your limiting habits and behaviours that have brought you to this moment. We understand that a habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously; a habit is a fixed way of thinking and a fixed way of feeling.

SoleFaces shows the path you are currently travelling; tells the story of your life; shows the way you have habitually been living your life.

Your SoleFaces analysis includes the following:
Overriding face category
You have one overriding face category. This category shows your light and dark habits and behaviours; the overall negative attitude along with the associated behavioural tendencies; your habit and behaviour reprogramming transformation and affirmation.
Balance of your face
This part of your SoleFaces analysis includes a comparison of the yin/yang areas of your face; your left and right side comparison and your overall face proportions. What this means and what this shows about your habits and behaviours.
Age impact on your face
The impact of your life at different ages shows up in your face and your comprehensive SoleFaces analysis helps you make sense of the decades of your life.
Dominant markings
Understanding the dominant facial feature, wrinkle or marking on your face. The light of this and the dark of this; how this impacts your choices with regard to your behaviour.

Request your SoleFaces analysis
Your SoleFaces analysis can take up to five days to complete. We will connect with you by email to set up your one-on-one conversation with a SolePath certified mentor. This is a unique mentoring process revealing more of the story your face is telling about your life experiences.

The session will be recorded to enable you to listen as many times as you like to the conversation; there are always so many layers to uncover. It doesn’t matter where you are located as your SoleFaces mentoring session can be completed by Skype, FaceTime or in person. Our SolePath certified mentor just needs to be able to see your beautiful smiling face.

There are three SoleFaces bundles for you to choose from. Click on the ‘request your SoleFaces analysis’ button to choose your ideal bundle. You will then be redirected to PayPal, where you can pay with a credit card or your PayPal account.

To complete your SoleFaces reading we require you to upload 5 photos that have been taken within the past 30 days. There must be no one else in the picture and if you wear glasses, please remove them for the photos.

These are the 5 photos we need:

Photograph #1 – close up front view of face, hair pulled back off forehead, neutral face (not smiling)
Photograph #2 – close up front view of face, hair pulled back off forehead, smiling face
Photograph #3 – close up side profile view of face, hair pulled back off forehead, neutral face (not smiling)
Photograph #4 – close up of right ear, hair pulled back off ear
Photograph #5 – close up of left ear, hair pulled back off ear

We are also going to ask you to provide us with some other identifying information, such as date of birth.

Couple of things …
Your SoleFaces analysis request can be completed on your computer or mobile device
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