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  • bagua mirror


    Bagua mirrors are a powerful Feng Shui cure for any space – home or office.

    “Bagua mirrors attract positive energy into a space and reflect back peace and harmony.” Dr. Debra, author of “In the Feng Shui Zone”

    Feng shui is a technique for changing and improving the energy of your surroundings and it is all about creating and environment where you live and work in harmony and balance with your surroundings.

    Bagua mirrors are eight-sided and balance your space using the eight trigrams of the Tao.

    o The Tao represents the fundamental nature of the universe and means your path or life’s journey.
    o The Tao keeps the world balanced and flowing and is related to the essential energy ‘chi’ of all.
    o The Tao is made up of the eight original building blocks of nature, called trigrams.
    o The eight trigrams of the Tao together form yin yang energy or the tai chi.

    Hang a bagua mirror facing outwards, above the front door and the back door of your space. Promote connection, balance and flow.

    5 inch bagua mirror, $19.00 + tax each.