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  • In the Feng Shui Zone by Dr. Debra Ford

    “In the Feng Shui Zone” by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D


    “In the Feng Shui Zone” is a practical, simple and easy to follow guide to getting your space balanced. In Zone Feng Shui, it is understood that the energy of a space, where you live and work, has a profound impact on your personal energy. When you focus on your space using the tools and techniques of Zone Feng Shui, you balance energy. When you remove energy blockages you allow a clear flow of energy and this creates balance in your life.

    In this book you will learn how to remove negative energy from your space and how to enhance the energy of your space to create the life changes that you desire. By moving the energy in your space, the energy outside of you, you move the energy within you and create change.

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  • SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life by Dr. Debra Ford

    “SolePath, the path to purpose and a beautiful life” by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D


    SolePath, the path to purpose and a beautiful life, written by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

    If you are feeling that there is something that you were born to do, some way that you were born to serve, some great truth within you that is uniquely yours and will make a difference to our world; this book is written for you.

    “This book is the story of SolePath and of Debra’s ability to hear the teachings of SolePath. She models for others how this can be done. So that those who read this book are inspired towards their own body of work; the great truth that will be theirs.” Seth

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  • Kit: Inspirational Category Tools


    For our inspirational SolePaths, our world’s role models with a deep desire to serve, there are healing energy recipes and ingredients on the back of this recipe card. Possibilities of your SolePath journey so that every day can be better.