Page 2 Resume Builder

Your FastTrack to Landing the Perfect Job

Why you need Page 2 Resume Essentials (P2RE)

You are fully qualified for the position, and your resume obviously includes all of your experience and qualifications, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

Your competitive advantage is emphasising the person behind the resume. Highlighting the intrinsic gifts and greatness of your character and personality. Underscoring the intangibles that you bring to the job.

P2RE provides all the tools you need to write a compelling resume.

These understandings of number energy are called SoleNumbers – your Energetic Guide to Purpose and are at the leading edge of new insights into the meanings and understandings of numbers. 

SoleNumbers, Page 2 Resume Essentials, identifies the person behind the resume. SoleNumbers is calculated using an algorithm based on birthdate.

Your Page 2 Resume Essentials

Your FastTrack to Landing the Perfect Job


Here’s what you will receive P2RE:

路      Your gifts and greatness     

路      Careers best suited

路      Language and your essential character

路      Positive actions to take for your best life

路      Key success factors

路      Guidelines for crafting an extraordinary resume

路      Example of a Page 2 Resume