Richer definitions of your SoleNumbers:

There are three primary SoleNumbers, and there are your Governing SoleNumber, your Purpose SoleNumber and your Next Best Step SoleNumber:

Your Governing SoleNumber – there is one overarching number energy that impacts your life, and this is called your Governing SoleNumber.

Your Governing SoleNumber is all about your soul intention for your life experience and your life journey. It gives language to inherent personality characteristics that are a natural way of being for you and brings happiness and meaning to your life. It highlights actions for you to embrace and include in your life.

Your Governing SoleNumber guides and gives you clear direction, and it also highlights personality characteristics to resist and activities to stay away from.

Your Purpose SoleNumber – living a fulfilled life, and a life that makes a difference: 

Your Purpose SoleNumber provides structure and language as to the person you are to be and the action you can take, as you move towards your life’s purpose. It guides your life decisions and influences your behaviour around what you are here on Earth to ‘do’.

Your Next Best Step SoleNumber – shapes your New Year’s resolutions, goals, and intentions for the upcoming year, and creates meaning in your life:

Your Next Best Step (NBS) SoleNumber changes with each new year (it is the only number that changes over the course of your life) and is the most active number in your life for that calendar year. It gives structure to your journey and guides you to purpose and a beautiful life.

Your support SoleNumbers include:

Your Fundamental You group of SoleNumbers – this group of SoleNumbers includes your Awareness, your Lesson, and your Foundation SoleNumbers:

Awareness SoleNumber – gives comprehension and discernment for your life’s journey: Your Awareness SoleNumber is your conscious awareness of who you are and helps define your sense of self from an early age. Your Awareness number provides insights into what makes you most happy and most miserable in life; recognition of your victories and being alert to your struggles.

Lesson SoleNumber – gives direction as to what to steer clear of as you face and overcome hardships: Your Lesson SoleNumber is all about who you become when you are faced with challenges in your life. It is about how your external struggles impact your character and behaviour.

Foundation SoleNumber – uncovers the structure of your internal support as you face life: Your Foundation SoleNumber is your support, an internal and sub-conscious ‘something’ that you can always rely on. It is a base that is always there, and knowing your Foundation SoleNumber gives you the language that brings it into your conscious awareness.

Celebrated You group of SoleNumbers – this group of SoleNumbers includes your Projection and your Core SoleNumbers:

Projection SoleNumber – gives language to what others see as the best of you, and also awareness of the impression you give when you are not being your brightest self: It is how others see you, how they respond to you, and what kind of relationships and experiences you might attract to yourself. It is the impression that you leave in the world.

Core SoleNumber – gives your life structure: Your Core SoleNumber is directly connected to your Projection SoleNumber. The goal is to connect these two numbers so that what you outwardly project, is aligned with and matches the inner you.

Talented You group of SoleNumbers – this group of SoleNumbers includes your Gift, your Past and your Asset SoleNumbers.

Gift SoleNumber – by integrating more of the energy of your Gift SoleNumber into your life, you walk your path to purpose: It is a gift that you are consciously aware of and familiar with. This gift helps you live with purpose and is a clue to the expression of your life.

Past SoleNumber – understanding and knowledge that you are familiar with through previous incarnations: Your Past SoleNumber is a subconscious gift, an innate knowing that comes from your soul’s past life experience. It is something that you can rely on and is an automatic response to life and to people.

Asset SoleNumber – part of your family heritage and ancestry, gifts that have been shared and brought down by your forefathers: Your Asset SoleNumber helps release the blocks in your life. It is a hidden gift that helps with habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

The energy of the numbers, 1 to 9, is connected to the original energy of the Tao, to the trigrams of nature:
1 fire: independence and growth changing to leadership and confidence
2 earth: respect and belonging changing to awareness and humility
3 lake: fun and possibilities
4 thunder: connecting and service
5 heaven: heaven and earth
6 water: purpose and meaning
7 mountain: faith and trust
8 wind: power and vision
9 tai chi or yin yang: mastery and guidance

Creation of SoleNumbers
Dr. Debra Ford wrote SoleNumbers in 2014, and gratefully includes the purpose number, discovered by Susan Dix.