Feng Shui is about creating life success, good health, improved prosperity and great relationships.

Dr. Debra

In the Feng Shui Zone: Good Health, Great Relationships, Abundant Prosperity by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

In the Feng Shui Zone will change your life; it’s about using a ‘tried and tested’ ancient Chinese art and science to affect improvements in your life that you never dreamed possible. In the Feng Shui Zone is practical, simple and easy to follow and includes a Nine Step guide to getting your home and your life into the zone.

If you balance the energy in your surroundings, this will balance and improve your personal energy. Feng Shui will balance the energy in your environment — your home, office, car — and will change your life.

Available on Amazon in Kindle format or Paperback edition.

Join the author Dr. Debra for two online courses: Basic Zone Feng Shui and Space Clearing.

Feng Shui Course

In this basic Zone Feng Shui course you will learn how to remove negative energy from your space and how to enhance the energy of your space to create the life changes that you desire. By moving the energy in your space, the energy outside of you, you move the energy within you and create change.

I believe that creating a space that nourishes you is fundamental to a happy life. Removing clutter and balancing energy using Zone Feng Shui helps you live the life you imagined.

Dr. Debra

Space Clearing Course

In this Space clearing course you will learn the tried and tested methods used for decades by Dr. Debra and Deneen to clear energy. You will understand the importance of preparation and of having clear intention. You will learn multiple methods of space clearing and know how and when to perform a space clearing. 

A space clearing will cause a quick shift if things have been on a downward trend. Especially if life feels stuck. Space clearing allows new opportunities to manifest and stops recurring problems.

Dr. Debra

Request a Space Clearing by Rev. Deneen Justason

  1. Eliminate the negative energy that impacts relationships.
  2. Everything that happens in a space leaves an energy footprint, the positive and negative.
  3. A space clearing cleanses the space and removes negative energy build up.
  4. Eliminate the stuck energy that is absorbed by the walls, the floor, the ceilings and lingers in all the corners.
Home space clearing
  • $115 minimum for 1 hour
  • Includes gemstones and quartz crystals
  • $25 each additional 30 mins
Office Space clearing
  • $210 minimum for 2 hours
  • Includes gemstones and quartz crystals
  • $50 each additional hour
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