SolePath Foundation Program

This training is for you if:

1. You understand that to be happier and more successful, you need to know yourself better. The SolePath Foundation Program is a deep study of self.

2. You would like to understand your loved ones better. During this training you will not only get to know yourself better, but also all of those close to you.

3. You think you may like to do the SolePath work for others. This foundational program is a prerequisite for the SolePath mentor training. More info on training here

Here’s what our students have to say.

This training is a journey of self-discovery, a deep understanding of your own personal unique SolePath, LightPaths, DarkPath, SoleNumbers, SoleFace and SoleHealing.

The Tao is the foundation of all of our work at the SolePath Institute. Training includes an introduction to the Tao and not only will you know more about yourself and how to navigate your light and dark, you will know how others find their way to their expanding energy, their soul purpose.

This training gives you an opportunity to explore metaphysical concepts; for you and your personal soul evolution; for your understanding of how others ‘tick’ and how best to communicate with them. More info on SolePath Foundation Program.

Here’s what our students have to say