SoleHealing – Fresh Air

Dynamic Nourishment

Dynamic Nourishment – Fresh Air Breathe fresh air, this seems like a simple statement, but many people don’t actually breathe life. SoleHealing is about coming to a new and wonderful appreciation of your body. Treat your respiratory system as a dear friend. What would you give a friend? Laughter, joy, song, conversation?  Your consciousness is […]

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SoleHealing fundamentals of sleep

SoleHealing – Fundamentals of Sleep

Fundamental Health

When you are contemplating sleep; you are contemplating awareness. When you are contemplating health; you are contemplating life. At nighttime, these cycles of contemplation and awareness can catch you quicker than quicksand. Best to find a way to just help your inner rhythms come into their natural flow so you can be in congruence with […]

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SoleHealing Release Joints

SoleHealing – Release Joints

Dynamic movement - physical aspect

The Beauty of a Yawn A yawn is an orchestrated, rhythmic, simultaneous variance of contraction and expansion in the body through almost every neural pathway. Every joint is opened, released, rotated and relaxed. Animals do this almost every time they get up from rest, and so should we. If you are not having a natural […]

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SoleHealing Water Resilience

SoleHealing – Water Resilience

Dynamic Nourishment

Resilience is a rebounding of tissues into a form that is most supportive of the human body and this occurs because certain bodily needs are met: nourishment, joy, lustre and verve.  Dr. Janice Brown D.Ac. The Nature of Water  One of the deepest understandings we have about water is its ability to transform. We see […]

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Colour your Mindset new

Colour your Mindset New

Mindset for Health

This article references concepts shared in the following blogs: Understanding Food Colours in SoleHealing and The Colours of the SoleHealing Colour Wheel. Clean slate that old canvas and colour everything new We are changing the colour of everything in your life. Don’t stop with food, see the subtle changes when you sleep in a different […]

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