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Bruce Cevraini, sound reiki healer, SolePath certified mentor, spiritual warrior and inspirational humanitarian 

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“The benefit of the individual benefits the whole and my gift to you is sound.”

Bruce is an usui reiki master and sound healing enthusiast. He believes that we are all energy and with the use of breathing techniques, a gong, Tibetan bowls and other instruments he can facilitate a profound cleansing, clearing, transformation of your energetic self specific to your SolePath/SoleHealing analysis. He uses SolePantry essential oil blends to allow your energetic self to further relax and release. Bruce’s gift is clearing – clearing of all in the aura that no longer serves you.

Sound reiki healing: one 60 minute session $85 + tax


darlow-webDar Low, reflexologist, laser practitioner, SolePath certified mentor, inspirational manager and spiritual warrior

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“Choose to uplift your health and healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level! Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to stress and tension. Reflexology relaxes, improves blood and nerve supply and assists in normalizing the body. Scalerwave lasers are unique in that they clear the cell memory underneath all injury and disease.”

Quantumwave Scalar Laser: These cold lasers or low level lasers use multiple wave lengths to donate energy to rejuvenate the cells. What makes this laser unique is the scaler technology which is the ability to clear the cell memory, clearing the stress or tension pattern beneath the injury or dis-ease These lasers are used for pain relief, stress, nerve regeneration, lymph activation, immune enhancement, emotional and energetic medicine … The testimonials are countless!

Uplifting facial laser treatment: Treat your self to the outstanding benefits of our exceptional SoleBloom facial care set, coupled with the numerous benefits of the unique scalerwave laser. SoleBloom protects and renews your skin and this together with the relaxing non-invasive laser light will firm, tone and lift, allowing a beautiful glow to shine through.

Laser body healing – 30 minute treatment $50 + tax
Uplifting facial laser treatment – 90 minute treatment $80 + tax
Laser foot & body healing – 60 minute session $90 + tax
Fall Laser Special – four sixty minute sessions $360 + tax


Darryl Boyer, shamanic healer, SolePath certified mentor, intellectual lateral thinker and intellectual expert 

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“Let’s work on clearing the blockages that are keeping you stuck and unwell.”

Darryl is a graduate of the advanced Inca Medicine Wheel, the teachings of Don Manual Quispe, a Qero Paco, [shaman] from Peru. These teachings and healing practices date back to Inca times. These teachings and tools are used to assist you in identifying the stories that create the emotional attachments that cause the dis-ease that is present. We work to locate where these issues are held in your body and working with the ancestors, we will use the tools that they guide us to use.
We will also work with fire, a very major part of the healing process. The word “we” is used as it is a joint effort in the healing process.
Each session is normally 1hr, but may run longer depending on what is presented.

Shamanic healing session: one 60 minute session $75 + tax