the path to purpose and a beautiful life



Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D



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Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D, inspirational teacher and spiritual mystic


John C. Ford M, charismatic adventurer and intellectual lateral thinker

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Celeste Needham, intuitive builder and intuitive creator

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Vanessa Sikomas, spiritual balance and spiritual mystic

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SolePath : the path to purpose and a beautiful life 

/ Dr. Debra Ford.


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For John, Joel, Adam and Elizabeth


“This book is the story of SolePath and of Debra’s ability to hear the teachings of SolePath. She models for others how this can be done. So that those who read this book are inspired towards their own body of work; the great truth that will be theirs.”





the path to purpose and a beautiful life



Written on the 27th floor of the Island Pacific Hotel in Hong Kong, between Saturday May 26 and Saturday June 1, 2013. Dr. Debra and John spent an inspiring week in Hong Kong at this hotel, room 2613.


Hong Kong – one of the throat chakras of the world; a great place for communication.














A mysterious life

Beliefs and philosophy

Exit points

Dr. Debra’s guides

Origins of SolePath

What is SolePath




Seth’s SolePath teachings




SolePath and your health

Choices and behaviour

Seth’s time tools

Destiny versus free will




How your SolePath is analyzed

The 22 SolePaths

SolePath excerpts


Charismatic SolePaths

Charismatic LightPaths

Charismatic DarkPaths

Charismatic adventurer

Charismatic gladiator

Charismatic influencer

Charismatic leader

Charismatic performer


Compassionate SolePaths

Compassionate LightPaths

Compassionate DarkPaths

Compassionate caretaker

Compassionate facilitator

Compassionate healer


Inspirational SolePaths

Inspirational LightPaths

Inspirational DarkPaths

Inspirational conformist

Inspirational humanitarian

Inspirational manager

Inspirational teacher


Intellectual SolePaths

Intellectual LightPaths

Intellectual DarkPaths

Intellectual controller

Intellectual expert

Intellectual lateral thinker


Intuitive SolePaths

Intuitive LightPaths

Intuitive DarkPaths

Intuitive builder

Intuitive creator

Intuitive hunter

Intuitive solitude


Spiritual SolePaths

Spiritual LightPaths

Spiritual DarkPaths

Spiritual balance

Spiritual mystic

Spiritual warrior







Understanding your SolePath

Emotion zones

SolePath key factors

SolePath key success factors

SolePath key failure factors

SolePath community

SolePath daily ritual

What SolePath has meant for others







DarkPath health vulnerabilities

Charismatic category disease

Compassionate category disease

Inspirational category disease

Intellectual category disease

Intuitive category disease

Spiritual category disease



SolePath for successful relationships

Romantic relationships


Family relationships

SolePath ancestory



SolePath learning styles


Business and human resources

SolePath for business strategy

SolePath for business relationships



Addiction and recovery

Athletes and sports teams


Animal behaviour

SolePath for pets – dogs, cats, horses

Pet communication

Pet motivation

Cherishing your pet

Connecting with your pet

Rest for your pet

Feeding your pet

Pet routine

Pet behaviour



SolePath for places






Charismatic tools

Compassionate tools

Inspirational tools

Intellectual tools

Intuitive tools

Spiritual tools

SolePath tools

Seth tools

SolePlan tools





SolePath timeline


























































Charismatic SolePaths

Charismatic adventurer

Charismatic adventurer LightPath

Charismatic adventurer DarkPath


Charismatic gladiator

Charismatic gladiator LightPath

Charismatic gladiator DarkPath


Charismatic influencer

Charismatic influencer LightPath

Charismatic influencer DarkPath


Charismatic leader

Charismatic leader LightPath

Charismatic leader DarkPath


Charismatic performer

Charismatic performer LightPath

Charismatic performer DarkPath


Compassionate SolePaths

Compassionate caretaker

Compassionate caretaker LightPath

Compassionate caretaker DarkPath


Compassionate facilitator

Compassionate facilitator LightPath

Compassionate facilitator DarkPath


Compassionate healer

Compassionate healer LightPath

Compassionate healer DarkPath


Inspirational SolePaths

Inspirational conformist

Inspirational conformist LightPath

Inspirational conformist DarkPath


Inspirational humanitarian

Inspirational humanitarian LightPath

Inspirational humanitarian DarkPath


Inspirational manager

Inspirational manager LightPath

Inspirational manager DarkPath


Inspirational teacher

Inspirational teacher LightPath

Inspirational teacher DarkPath


Intellectual SolePaths

Intellectual controller

Intellectual controller LightPath

Intellectual controller DarkPath


Intellectual expert

Intellectual expert LightPath

Intellectual expert DarkPath


Intellectual lateral thinker

Intellectual lateral thinker LightPath

Intellectual lateral thinker DarkPath


Intuitive SolePaths

Intuitive builder

Intuitive builder LightPath

Intuitive builder DarkPath


Intuitive creator

Intuitive creator LightPath

Intuitive creator DarkPath


Intuitive hunter

Intuitive hunter LightPath

Intuitive hunter DarkPath


Intuitive solitude

Intuitive solitude LightPath

Intuitive solitude DarkPath


Spiritual SolePaths

Spiritual balance

Spiritual balance LightPath

Spiritual balance DarkPath


Spiritual mystic

Spiritual mystic LightPath

Spiritual mystic DarkPath


Spiritual warrior

Spiritual warrior LightPath

Spiritual warrior DarkPath












This work would not ever have been manifest without the love, support and countless hours that John has dedicated to our work together. My deep gratitude for your role in this teaching; you hold my heart.


To my sons, Joel and Adam, my deep thankfulness for your support and for always trusting me and loving me just as I am, your very different mother.

Seth calls her his butterfly; and I call her my wingman; she has no equal. Without her unquestioning support and true friendship I would so often have been lost. My friend, Deneen, you are a gift to me and to SolePath. Thank you for sharing your intuitive creator beauty and spiritual balance flow with me.

For Terry, an intellectual lateral thinker and inspirational manager, who is almost completely unaware of the strength and support that he provides to both John and I and the SolePath work. Our conservative, meat and potatoes guy, who is one of our greatest enthusiasts, deep gratitude.

For Celeste, an intuitive builder and intuitive creator who has added so much beauty to SolePath with her designs, including this beautiful book cover and timeline diagram, my deepest thanks for your patient nurturing of our friendship. Building on her life experience and manifesting ideas as she helps others create their own beautiful lives.

To Eric, an intuitive creator and inspirational humanitarian, who with his SolePath and these amazing gifts and greatness has created our SolePath website, thank you.

For Jill, an intuitive creator and spiritual warrior, who walked my early path with me through the teachings and understandings of space energy. Together with Jill I learned how to apply this sacred teaching onto the energy of our life.

For Leigh Ann, an intuitive builder and inspirational manager, who was involved in SolePath in the early stages and helped with the understanding of how SolePath manifests in peoples lives. Leigh Ann made a big commitment to SolePath, and Seth has been a great supporter of Leigh Ann’s efforts.

I would also like to acknowledge these incredible souls who have become part of our SolePath work, who are in the process of creating their own great truth as they live in their LightPaths and connect to the wisdom of their soul.

For Tanis, a spiritual balance and spiritual mystic who from her LightPaths is connecting and expanding her yoga nidra work to provide direction as each of us undertakes the very difficult work of reprogramming the beliefs and habits that hold us back from our life of joy.

For Vanessa, a double spiritual, a balance and a mystic, who is discovering her ability to clearly communicate difficult spiritual understandings. Knowing that this will be her perfect manifestation, helping others to understand invisible concepts and encouraging them towards metaphysical study. Seth has also thanked Vanessa for making this SolePath book a part of her spiritual book club, for assisting him in his work.

For Shyla, a spiritual mystic and spiritual warrior who is connecting to her great truth; as she learns to trust and understand her ability to uncover information on individual ill health and assist with solutions and therapy for healing.

For Susan,  an intuitive hunter and charismatic influencer, and her partner Rick, an intuitive builder and inspirational conformist, who are called to seek truth, help others create plans for a fulfilling life, and inspire them to choose to build thriving lives after major life changes, including addiction recovery.

For Kathy, a compassionate facilitator and spiritual mystic, who understands community and is assisting others who are working with the law of attraction, helping them find direction for their intentions.

For Stephanie, a compassionate healer and inspirational humanitarian who is allowing her ‘cause’ and gifts of healing others to unfold.

For Kael, an inspirational teacher and spiritual balance, who is guiding others to peace and to purpose through her mentoring, teaching and counseling.

For Louise, a compassionate healer and spiritual warrior who is choosing what she would like to heal, and flexing her psychic muscles.

For Dr. Krista, a spiritual mystic and compassionate healer, who is born  to combine her spiritual wisdom with her naturopathic doctor healing skills and assisting others to physical, emotional and mental health.

For Ronna, a charismatic leader and inspirational teacher who with her sparkle and charisma and extraordinary ability to communicate, is breaking new ground in her community leading the initiative to combine holistic learning within the traditional school system.

For Michael, an intuitive hunter and spiritual warrior, one of the SolePath early adopters, who is proof that when you are ready the SolePath truth unfolds.

For Judy, another double intuitive, hunter and creator, who understands our need for ritual and ceremony in life. Who is sharing with community through her rhythm drumming practice and providing a beautiful environment of peace and safety for others.

For Ed, a compassionate healer and intuitive builder, a born healer who is focusing on healing disease rather than treating the symptoms. Serving his own patients and also providing possibilities for other practitioners to heal the sick and injured.

For Lucy, an intuitive hunter and inspirational manager, who knows that her passion and her work is deeply connected to the earth and the environment.

For Shamir, a compassionate facilitator and compassionate healer, who is creating spiritual healing within the extraordinary community that he is building.

For Janet, a charismatic adventurer and charismatic gladiator, who simply knows that it is possible to live a better life, to be a happier person, to strive for more, and is sharing her truth with others.

For Dr. Karen, an intuitive creator and inspirational conformist who is building on her traditional chinese medicine practice and the research of her father to create new healing modalities.

For Wanda, an intellectual lateral thinker and spiritual warrior, who along with her friend Shirley, an inspirational teacher and spiritual balance, have started a SolePath community in their neighbourhood. Providing a spiritual sanctuary for like-minded people.

And for you …




“This book is the story of SolePath and of Debra’s ability to hear the teachings of SolePath. She models for others how this can be done. So that those who read this book are inspired towards their own body of work; the great truth that will be theirs.”




June 2006. I was standing directly in front of a closed door with the dark passageway spreading out to my left and my right. I was standing still and looking up at the very wide and very tall door. Out of the corner of my eye, to my left, I saw a young man in a white tunic and pale blue skirt leaning with his back up against the wall of the corridor. He stood on one leg with his other knee bent and the sole of his right foot up against the wall. He had curly blonde hair, was slim, early thirties, and seemed relaxed resting up against the wall. He turned his head to me and said “What kept you so long? We have been waiting.” He signaled for me to open the door. I did not.


September 2006. Once again, I was in the dark passageway outside the door. He was there and as if it was the most natural thing in the world, opened the door for me and we walked through together. His chatty cheerfulness seemed to be a deliberate distraction although all I could hear was sound coming out of his mouth, no distinct words.


He stood really close by as if to reassure me and then clearly said “here we go!” I squinted up my eyes and replied “I can’t see anything, it is too bright.” With calm encouragement and making sure I could feel him standing next to me, he whispered “wait just a minute”.

My eyes got used to the brightness and slowly focused. We were in a long white corridor with tall white doors down either side; very tall doors with round doorknobs; about six or eight doors on either side of the corridor, all them closed. The doors on the left attracted me more.


The corridor was filled with bright white light. Brightness everywhere, not coming from light fixtures but seeming to be all around and everywhere, no shadows. White walls, white doors, white door knobs, white flooring and all of this leading up a slight incline to a commanding white building at the top of the rise. Huge sweeping steps, also white, led up to the building which had columns on either side of the entrance. It was roman or greek looking, imposing, majestic, beautiful.


As we stood at the beginning of the white corridor, he said “this is where we are now; at the beginning; be positive; enjoy this unfolding; I am with you for the whole journey.”


And so began my journey with Peter my first non-physical guide, the weird mystical journey of my life that has resulted in the manifesting of the original body of work called SolePath.


The purpose of this SolePath book is to inspire you towards your great truth. Because I know that you have a teaching within you, I know that you have a body of work to manifest, I know that your great truth is waiting, I know that you are ready to serve.



Dr. Debra


section 1 – beginnings


·      A mysterious life

·      Beliefs and philosophy

·      Dr. Debra’s guides

·      Origins of SolePath

·      What is SolePath



“Dying, its like being in a fog with the lights turned on. You can’t see a thing but it is very bright. Even the sound is both expanded and muffled. I know, I have been there. This knowing became a big part of the creation of the SolePath original body of work.”

Dr. Debra