The path to SoleHealing

Illness is part of a life incarnation, a very important part of a life incarnation … It is in a place of physical vulnerability that important lessons are learned. Illness may be part of your soul’s plan. The experience of it, the choosing towards health or the choosing away from health. You also wrote in all the tools and opportunities to choose health and wellbeing. Seth

If you are experiencing physical or mental ill health, a SoleHealing energy diagnosis can help. Our guidance from Seth is that the NOW is a time for action, a time for doing AND especially a time for healing.

Are you dealing with physical health issues? Are you struggling with mental health concerns like stress or anxiety? We can help – here’s is Seth’s guidance:

Within each person there is a vibration that can be matched for perfect health. A SoleHealing diagnosis identifies energetic blocks and provides direction for healing.

SoleHealing treatments COMING SOON