The path to SoleHealing

The first question you may be asking yourself is, “What is SoleHealing?”

SoleHealing is a dynamic wellness system. 

It is a unique method of stimulating the energetic system of the body; meaning, the way your body system is performing in its natural environment, in its natural state of original congruence. 

It is about fundamental health and your unique well-being.

The SoleHealing dynamic wellness system is a combination of the support of trained professionals advising and encouraging individuals to take charge of their own healing through the use of daily choice and wellness tools.

SoleHealing is a complete wellness system that is elaborate in its completion but really simple to use.

There are three main components: 

  • SoleHealing Fundamentals 
  • Your specific SoleHealing report
  • Your choice to participate

The Fundamentals apply to every body, including you. The Fundamentals contain information that is relevant to every body moving towards a state of fundamental health. Your SoleHealing report applies only to you.

Where do I begin?

You can download the e-book “SoleHealing for Every Body”, it is an interactive document with live links to take you to the required articles. You can consider it a gateway into the aspect of the work known as the SoleHealing Fundamentals.  It will give you a general overview of the work and how it comes together as well as a page of resource links to all the necessary articles on the aspects of the SoleHealing for Every Body work.

OR if you want to just dive into the content…

The following links are going to take you to series of articles about what each of these SoleHealing Fundamentals aspects of fundamental health.

What does it cost?

SoleHealing for Every Body is freely available to all. Just jump right in. Download the PDF here.

The SoleHealing Fundamentals can all be accessed through the above links or through the SoleHealing for Every Body e-book. 

Your unique SoleHealing Report is prepared by donation. 

This report is currently under development for release in 2022.

The SoleHealing dynamic wellness system is a systematic map to guide you towards fundamental health. Your unique SoleHealing report is the compass to guide you towards fundamental health for the duration of your life.

Your SoleHealing report is based on a SoleHealing analysis of your unique personal information. Using the information that is contained within your SoleHealing report will help you to create and sustain dynamic wellness within your bodily system. 

Your unique SoleHealing report will be available by donation and will be delivered to you by email. Information that is necessary to support you will also be available on our website for you to access and print off. 

Yes! Please let me know when SoleHealing reports will be available.

Click here to submit name and email.

Why use the SoleHealing Dynamic Wellness System?

Using the SoleHealing dynamic wellness system, you are incorporating simple, daily practice to embrace dynamic wellness in your life, replenishing your vitality and experience of health. We believe that this information is so important and vital to every person that the supplementary information for your SoleHealing report will be readily available to you on our website. 

Illness is part of a life incarnation, a very important part of a life incarnation … It is in a place of physical vulnerability that important lessons are learned. Illness may be part of your soul’s plan. The experience of it, the choosing towards health or the choosing away from health. You also wrote in all the tools and opportunities to choose health and wellbeing. Seth

The intention of this work is to give you a deeper understanding of body and self. Empowering you to step into your own experience of fundamental health through the use of specific tools and finally and truly understand that you really do have the incredible ability to achieve resonant health through your own care and life choices. 

Within each person there is a vibration that can be matched for perfect health.

I think I need some help understanding this. Where can I go for support?

A SolePath Certified Mentor with a SoleHealing designation can help guide you through the information and help keep you on track or answer any questions you may have regarding your own unique information. 

Included with your donation is a 30 minute complimentary conversation to review your unique SoleHealing Report.

Ongoing or periodic mentoring support is available at your discretion. Mentoring fees are $120.00 CDN per session.

Yes! Please let me know when training opportunities become available to take the training to support others through their SoleHealing journey.

Are you dealing with physical health issues? Are you struggling with mental health concerns like stress or anxiety? We can help – here’s is Seth’s guidance:

If you are experiencing physical or mental ill health, our guidance from Seth is that the NOW is a time for action, a time for doing AND especially a time for healing.