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The colours of the SoleHealing Colour Wheel

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.

New understandings about the food you eat. Food as energetics not Therapeutic.

The first thing to understand is that we are working with the value of colours in an energetic manner. 

It’s not that you don’t use some of these foods already, it’s that I’m asking you to use them differently for energetic purposes. This is speaking to the body in terms it understands and resonance is a self propelling and restorative energetic therapy to benefit the body system. A body that has been struggling with only receiving methods of care that are focused on the physical aspect of the body will begin propping itself right up with a new experience of colour, resonance and duration.

Let’s explore the colours of the SoleHealing Colour Wheel: red, pink, white, grey/silver, black, blue, green, purple and yellow.

Source: SolePath Institute

Red Food Resonance Highlights 

Red is necessary because it helps bring order where there is chaos. It exists as a barrier and as a protectant and carries a resonance of a very intense frequency. Red needs to move through the digestive tract. Red has a relationship to skin and rejuvenation. 

If you are needing red and everyone does, you also want to include sources of foods that have red skins like cherry tomatoes which have an excellent vibrancy and resonance.

Red foods: strawberries, raspberries, red meat, pomegranate 

Foods with red skin: CHERRY TOMATOES, GRAPE TOMATOES, tomatoes, red apples,  red peppers, cranberries, red potatoes, red grapes

Pink Food Resonance Highlights 

Pink is a special resonance. Metaphorically, not all the world is black and white and when you start looking at the world through rose coloured glasses you will start to understand just what it is that pink brings into your life. Pink matters a great deal. It is important for muscle and tissue, and ligaments and joints.

Pink foods: HAM, pink grapefruit, watermelon, salmon, guava, radish, dragon fruit, pink apples, rhubarb, chard, Himalayan salt, chicken

White Food Resonance Highlights 

White food has its own properties that reflect the overall nourishment of the body. A few ounces of white a day will help the body that has been struggling get back on track. 

The nourishment qualities of white amplify other qualities that it is ingested with. Like adding white to your painting, anywhere it touches will pick up on the colour attributes of the digesting material with it. 

White behaves as an amplifier of tone, it has a very powerful resonance. Consider that white is all that a newborn of most species ingests for its early years of life. White helps grow the body.

White foods: MILK, EGGS, rice, potatoes, quinoa, cauliflower, white mushrooms, garbanzo beans, garlic, white onions, pears, apples, tofu

Silver/Grey Food Resonance Highlights 

Where do you find silver food? Well, in most cases it is an accessory structure of a living, sometimes breathing life form. For example the silvery scales on a fish. Also, any food that has fine fuzz or hair like a peach or a kiwi.

Remember you don’t have to ‘eat the scales’, the flesh of the fish has been wrapped in that tone and carries that resonance with it, and the skin and the flesh beneath the skin is often a lovely silver grey tone as well.

Caution: Do not get too literal, colloidal silver is not recommended as a resonance food source and is not a substance used with the human body in the SoleHealing work. 

Silver/Grey foods: FISH with silver skin, trout, sardines, mackerel, oysters, tuna, salmon, grey Hubbard squash, fuzzy peach, fuzzy pear, kiwi, rambutan fruit

Source: SolePath Institute

Black Food Resonance Highlights 

Black is not a colour, it is an anchor. It allows all the other formations to be what they are. Black holds up resonance and black holds up tone. Think of black like pepper adding too much of this dynamic is overwhelming, but a dash here or there will do you good. Black benefits the cardiovascular system.

Black foods: BLACK OLIVES, coffee, black tea, black beans, black sesame seeds, black pepper, black berries, squid ink, black rice, black seaweed, sunflower seeds

Blue Food Resonance Highlights 

Blue is necessary because it builds on the health of the brain. 

Blue foods: BLUEBERRIES, plums, elderberries, blue corn, concord grapes

Green Food Resonance Highlights 

Green is healthy not only because it is an essential nutritional ingredient, it is necessary because it helps form the structures of the skeletal system through the dynamic of resonance. 

Green foods: CELERY, arugula, broccoli, peas, green beans, avocado, asparagus, bok choy, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, green onions, dill, basil, seaweed

Purple Food Resonance Highlights 

Purple falls into the blue family of colour and is important for neurological and digestive health.

Purple foods: EGGPLANT, purple onion, beets, purple cabbage, purple carrots, purple cauliflower, blackberries, purple potatoes, purple carrots, passion fruit, mangosteens, açai berries, purple star apple, elderberries, purple laver (seaweed)

Yellow Food Resonance Highlights 

Yellow behaves independent of all other colours, it has its own form and function. Every living thing needs yellow, it is like the sun or the moon because it so constant in its application of resonance, that you don’t even perceive where it is coming from.

Yellow foods: CORN, eggs, yams, carrots, oranges, potatoes, onions, butternut squash, yellow pepper, lemons, oranges, Swiss chard, turnip, saffron, golden beets, yellow beans, pumpkin, peaches, nectarines, apricot, pineapple, pears, banana

Food first! Let’s get eating all your food colours with an energetic focus on the colour as your dominant decision.

Dr. Janice Brown, D.Ac.

***Of special note, too much of the wrong colour can stall the resonance of vitality within the body. 

Source: SolePath Institute

Brown Food Considerations

Brown exists as a place of non-resonance in terms of health and healing, at this time in our world we are dependent on a resource that has no resonance for health; food that is without vitality. Many of us have a reliance on processed food. This is not to say never eat anything processed, it means understand that if it can sit on a shelf for a year or more it is without an adequate resonance for health. You may recognise this as that profound energy dump that people talk about after they have their afternoon snack of crackers or a chocolate bar.

Therefore, if we rely on these brown foods as a dietary staple, in order to meet our resonance requirements for health we have a dependance on bulk to achieve any level of resonance at all. 

And remember a colour dye is not the same as a natural colour in terms of resonance and vitality. 

ACTION: Get playful with food choices.

Have a look at the SoleHealing Colour Wheel colours and see where you can add more into your daily choices. You’re going to be starting with paler versions of the colours: red, pink, blue, green, purple and yellow. To soften these colours incorporate whites and also add sprinklings of grey/silver and black for dimension.

Remember, duration of resonance is key. Try to eat a resonant form of food 3 times a day for at least 6 weeks. Nothing breaks or stops if you miss a meal or a day or two, but it is a cumulative effect to acquire the benefits of resonance directed towards fundamental health. So just eat your colours and paint your insides fun!

Dr. Janice Brown

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.
Dr. Janice Brown, D. Ac.

Author: Janice M Brown, SCM, Rev.

Dean of Academics, SolePath certified master mentor, Academy of Inner Wisdom Faculty, SolePath Instructor through the SolePath Institute

Janice’s SolePath is Spiritual Warrior and Intellectual Lateral Thinker. Her core values are her passion for life and her amazing problem solving gifts. Janice is a Wellness Visionary who is deeply fulfilled by helping people see the true brilliance of who they are and discovering the many aspects of the self that contribute to a person’s well-being.

Janice is an avid writer and explorer of life, who teaches people understandings of metaphysical concepts and mastery of self through the SolePath Institute. She is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and SolePath Certified master mentor. Janice has a 4 year Doctor of Chinese medicine diploma and has been involved in the health field since the 90’s. She uses the wisdom of the body and the mind in her wellness consulting and she is the author of the SoleHealing protocols. 

Contact: DrJanice@SolePath.org

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