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Appointments may be booked online by going back to the mentor page, or by calling 403.998.0191 or 1.877.866.2086. Appointments are available in-person or long distance by Zoom or telephone.

SolePath mentoring
Top 10 reasons we love being SolePath certified mentors …

10. It is the most wonderful work pg. 86
9. Spend all day, every day reminding people of how amazing they really are pg. 86
8. It’s a great job pg.86
7. Bring forth clarity, stability and trust to your clients pg. 98
6. Enable big shifts for others, making them happier and more balanced pg. 98
5. Give clients the rare gift of your complete focus on them and their life
4. Work hand in hand with holistic healers to assist with healing pg. 108
3. Provide guidance on how clients can reach for their LightPaths, the energetic place where body and mind can heal pg. 108
2. Provide the key to healing through understanding the comprehensive DarkPath
1. Work with perfect clients, measured to be an energetic match
(The page references relate to the book: SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life)

Our SolePath mentoring is a 9-step process, the intention of which is to provide awareness and tools so that you can navigate your life and the experiences that expand you and collapse you. Awareness around what is going wrong and tools to switch to a place of expanded energy so that every day can be better.

Our SolePath mentoring is designed to provide you with knowledge and understanding as you live your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning.

9-step SolePath mentoring

SolePath 9-step guide

Focus 1:SolePath Energy Analysis Review – 30 min that is included with your SolePath energy analysis
Key Communication: an overview of your personal, unique SolePath braid
Focus 2:Joyful LightPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: getting to know your Joyful LightPath
Focus 3:Progression LightPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: getting to know your Progression LightPath
Focus 4:LightPath Characteristics – 45 mins
Key Communication: connecting with all of your LightPath greatness
Focus 5:DarkPath Category – 45 mins
Key Communication: collapse and expansion of your DarkPath Category
Focus 6:DarkPath Core Energy, Need and Antidote – 45 mins
Key Communication: managing your DarkPath
Focus 7:Reprogramming your DarkPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: growing through your DarkPath
Focus 8:Dark Fears, Identity & Sub-conscious Reaction – 45 mins
Key Communication: DarkPath triggers and what to do about them
Focus 9:Creating your Life – 45 mins
Key Communication: joyful creation, using the Tao, of your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning

First step is to request your SolePath energy analysis.