Workshop: Understanding me

The ‘Understanding Me’ workshop will give you a deeper understanding of who you are, what you are meant to be doing with your life, why things seem to be standing still or feeling blocked.

A message from Seth:

The workshop includes:


: your face helps you understand ‘what’s my story, why am I stuck?’ The habits and behaviours that are blocking you in your life and stopping you from living in your light.


: your numbers help you understand and answer that fundamental question ‘what am I doing here?’


: a deeper understanding of your unique and beautiful SolePath braid, helping you to understand the fundamental question ‘who am I?’

We have set the first date:
A beautiful weekend of self discovery in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
Friday October 17, 6pm till 9pm
Saturday October 18, 10am till 4pm
Sunday October 19, 10am till 2pm.

The cost is one payment of $295. Book now …

This is deep work and we will be an intimate group.