Workshop: connect to the whispers of your soul

whispers-of-soul“You have a deep yearning to connect with your higher self, to hear and understand the whispers or your soul, to clearly receive messages from god, your guides, your angels, your soul. All of you receive messages, all of you can connect for guidance, all of you can reconnect with your soul. You have a unique and personal way to reliably receive messages from the divine. Let me show you how.”
Dr. Debra Ford

Available in-person and by Skype and the next workshop date is Saturday March 14, 2015.

If you have already had your SolePath energy analysis completed, the cost is one payment of $110. Book now …

If you need to request your SolePath energy analysis as well as book for this workshop, the cost is one payment of $174.Click here…

You will receive Dr. Debra Ford’s new book to read prior to the workshop. Please RSVP to reserve your spot and to let us know whether you will attend in person or via Skype. 403.998.0191 or 1.877.866.2086 or