SolePath ambassador program – Instagram

Welcome to the SolePath ambassador private webpage. This is an exclusive program and we are reaching out to a very select group of people who we see aligning with the positive energy on the planet.

The purpose of the new SolePath ambassador program #SolePathAmbassador is to build a community of amazing people who are creating their own community of followers and aligning with the positive energy on the planet.

SolePath, your subconscious programming is all about you, about who you are born to be, about your gifts and greatness. At the SolePath Institute, we measure your energetics to reveal your best lifehack ever, your SolePath.

Our vision at the SolePath Institute is for everyone to know their SolePath. When you know your SolePath you can be who you dreamed you’d be and who the world needs you to be. SolePath helps you find your role, because there is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill; something that you are to do that no one else can do.