SoleNumbers – pedia

SolePath guides you to answer the first fundamental question of life “Who am I?” it is the guide to ‘being’.
SoleNumbers guides you to the answer the second fundamental question of life “What am I doing here?” it is the guide to ‘doing’.

These are the Top 10 reasons you will love knowing your SoleNumbers:

10. Your date of birth helps you to answer the question ‘what am I doing here?’
9. Discover how others see you, and why you draw them into your life
8. Numbers are everywhere and are so much fun!
7. Reveal what lessons you are here to learn
6. Find more ways to be your authentic self and live in expanded energy
5. Discover tools to enhance your journey
4. There are clues to your external purpose and gifts – you are amazing!
3. Celebrate your birthday like never before!
2. Your birth date also holds a clue for your next best step
1. Your soul has chosen your unique birth date for a reason

Richer definitions of your SoleNumbers:
Your governing number: you have one overall governing number which is all about your soul’s intention for your life experience. It is about you living a fulfilled life from a place of expanded energy and growing with ease.

Your fundamental you group of numbers:
Awareness number – is your conscious awareness of who you are. Lesson number – the growth in your life.
Foundation number – is your support, that something that you can always rely on.

Your celebrated you group of numbers:
Projection number – how others see you. Core number – the inner you. Purpose number – what you are here to ‘do’ and is the guide to your life’s purpose.

Your talented you group of numbers
Gift number – a familiar gift you are consciously aware of. Past number – a sub-conscious gift from a past life. Asset number – a hidden gift that helps you unlock the blocks in your life.

And finally, your next best step number:
Next best step number – which changes with each new year and is the most active number in your life for the upcoming year. It provides clues to your next best step for that year.

The energy of the numbers, 1 to 9, is connected to the original energy of the Tao, to the trigrams of nature:
1 fire: independence and growth changing to leadership and confidence
2 earth: respect and belonging changing to awareness and humility
3 lake: fun and possibilities
4 thunder: connecting and service
5 heaven: heaven and earth
6 water: purpose and meaning
7 mountain: faith and trust
8 wind: power and vision
9 tai chi or yin yang: mastery and guidance

The Tao – foundation of SoleNumbers:
The Tao (pronounced Dow) represents the fundamental nature of the Universe, the origin, the Creator. The Tao, loosely translated, means your path or your life’s journey.

The Tao is your being-ness, your deep knowing that you are more than your physical body and that the purpose of your life on earth is making a difference. The Tao is accepting that you are here for only one reason – the evolution of your soul.

The Tao is the process by which the universe expresses itself and teaches that the only constant in life is change – change is about accepting movement in your life with ease, allowing for transformation, accepting your path, living in the ‘now’ and embracing the evolution of your soul.

The Tao shows you that your life has seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter; that there is a constant opening and closing of energy for all of us; that this is a natural unfolding process; and that this is something to embrace – not to fear.

Key understandings of the Tao include
• Connection – between us all and also with everything
o Balance – when one part is out of balance, all are affected
• Flow – non-resistance to what is going on around us

The Tao teaches that the fundamental law underlying everything in the universe is utterly plain and simple; no matter how complicated life may appear. The Tao is intrinsically connected to yin yang and to the eight original building blocks of nature (called trigrams) – heaven and earth, wind and lake, thunder and mountain, fire and water.

Your life becomes a process of accepting and working within the flow of energy between the yin yang and the eight trigrams of nature. As you accept your soul’s plan for this lifetime, your soul’s desire for a life experience, your soul’s choice of a SolePath, your soul’s choice of your SoleNumbers – you also understand that this planet that we live on is a creative environment, and that with your free will you are creating your life.
Each number, 1 to 9, is connected to the original energy of the Tao, to the trigrams of nature. 1 – fire, 2 – earth, 3 – lake, 4 – wood, 5 – heaven, 6 – water, 7 – mountain, 8 – wind, 9 – yin yang. Each number 1 to 9 has this original energy vibration.

Creation of SoleNumbers
Dr. Debra Ford wrote SoleNumbers in 2014, and gratefully includes the purpose number, discovered by Susan Dix. SolePath is an original body of work created by Dr. Debra Ford in 2009. SolePath helps you answer that fundamental question of life ‘who am I?’, SoleNumbers helps you answer the question ‘what am I doing here?’