Relief and Aversion as an Inner/Outer Feeling Pair

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.

Relief and Aversion 

Relief and Aversion are an inner/outer feeling pair. Aversion contracts your expanded energetic state internally and because they are a pair, relief is contractually obligated to follow the contractions. What the heck does that mean? 

Contractually Obligated

You can look at the phrase ‘contractually obligated’ in two ways, both apply. Here are a few meanings for the word ‘contract’ that help us understand this dynamic more clearly.

  1. decrease in size, become smaller, or
  2. an agreement, like a binding agreement between two or more parties.

Let’s use a playful example to picture the dynamic of an inner/outer relationship pair. Have you ever partnered up and done a three-legged race? Basically, where one goes, the other must follow because they are paired together, two individuals that are agreeing to function as one.  Either person could decide they want to move in a direction and move the outer leg the way they want to, but because of the inner leg that is bound together as a pair, they are obligated to move in tandem.  

There is an agreement in behaviour that must be reached, and once you have that sorted out and the agreement is clear there is a synchronized movement that can be predictably achieved.

Source: SolePath Institute

Which Way to Move?

“Which way to move?” becomes the question. Both aspects of the pair are always simultaneously present but only one feeling can resonate the experience.

The agreement is this:

If the feeling of RELIEF is allowed, then the inner/outer feeling pair will be resting in the field in a state of energetic EXPANSION.

If the feeling of AVERSION is maintained, then the feeling of aversion forces the expanded energetic state of the field to forcefully contract. In this sustained state of forced energetic contraction, the energetic field COLLAPSES.

How do you use this information to your benefit?

What probably isn’t part of your conscious awareness until you begin to dive into these understandings of field dynamics is that either movement is a choice; expansion (relief) or collapse (aversion). Remember, whichever direction you move in, both aspects of the feeling pair must move, however, only one feeling is resonating.

So, the feeling determines the energetic state of the field in either energetic expansion or energetic collapse.

Remember that energetic expansion is innate. So, as soon as the feeling of relief is allowed the energetic field moves into its natural expanded state. This is where you feel good and experience positive emotion, thought and outcome.

If aversion is the feeling being enforced (chosen), the pair is obligated to contract and the field collapses with the feeling. This is when you experience negative emotion, thought or outcome. This is the experience of not feeling good.

The field remains collapsed until the feeling of relief can be achieved, at which point expansion is instantaneous because it is innate. This is why it is incumbent upon you to reach for a better feeling. No sustained positive change in health or life can be made and maintained under the influence of negative feeling or field collapse.

Source: SolePath Institute

If you had to boil down your list of choices in life to ONLY One Pivot Point it would be this. 

Is the choice I am making NOW one that makes me ‘feel better’ or ‘not feel better’? 

This is actually, the only choice you ever make no matter how it is dressed up in the experience of your life. And if you use this as the only filter you apply to every situation or experience in your life, you will see how many times a day you are choosing towards vibrant life and joy and health or away from it? Try this for an hour, a day, a week, your whole life and watch what kind of transformation you experience. Your life is of your choosing, only you can make the choice.

Here’s the kicker…the thing you likely don’t realize is that you (yes, you) are making the choice towards collapse. Maybe not with conscious awareness because you are unfamiliar with this behaviour of your energetic field. However, it is a choice nonetheless. This is why it is critical to understand where you have the power to create movement (expansion) and make choices that empower you in your life and health.

This is the ultimate pivot point in the experience of your life and it is all under the guidance and allowance of your ability to recognize and feel the different emotional states in your daily experience. 

This is not a one and done process. This is a continuous fine-tuning of your emotional experience for the duration of your life. 

ACTION: Start taking notes and practice calibrating your emotional frequency.

Happy? Feeling good? Great! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Feeling glum, Chum? Recalibrate. Get moving…emotionally, energetically, mentally, physically. You have got to move some aspect of yourself. Must. It’s on you to choose it and it gets easier, much easier. Experience though is the only thing that will show you how well you are doing with this.

Dr. Janice Brown, D.Ac.

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.
Dr. Janice Brown, D. Ac.

Author: Janice M Brown, SCM, Rev.

Dean of Academics, SolePath certified master mentor, Academy of Inner Wisdom Faculty, SolePath Instructor through the SolePath Institute

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