Kit Micro Guard


Micro-guard pyramid includes four gemstones recommended by Seth to reduce the effects of wireless microwave radiation and emfs on the body, enclosed in an energizing pyramid that generate, transmits and transforms energy.


Any type of wireless technology emits microwave radiation; domestic appliances produce em’s; and both of these are thought to contribute to disturbances in body tissue that results in dis-ease, including chronic illness and insomnia. Micro-guard pyramid includes four gemstones to reduce the effects of wireless microwave radiation and em’s and can be placed on or near appliances or carried on your body.
Dispelling gemstone: Black tourmaline guards against emf and negative radiation; black tourmaline is a protective stone that dispels negative energy.
Protection gemstone: Tumbled red jasper is the traditional stone of dowsers for thousands of years and is a strong protection gemstone that balances energy.
Nourishing crystals: small natural quartz points keep unsettling energy out of a space and help balance and maintain a gentle flow of nourishing energy.
Emf protection: kyanite restores energy balance with the earth’s magnetic force.

biggest contributors of wireless microwaves and em’s in your home are;
can openers, hand blenders,food mixers,central heating pumps,extractor & hood fans, vacuum cleaners,microwave ovens,electric knives,security alarm systems,food processors, washing machines,tumble dryers,cell phones,blue tooth speakers,wireless routers,portable phones,remote controls,baby monitors,toasters,dishwashers,hair dryers


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