intellectual kit


For our intellectual SolePaths, our world’s great minds who respond to the world with rational, logical thought, there are healing energy recipes and ingredients on the back of this recipe card. Possibilities for your SolePath journey so that every day can be better.


Essential oil: Orange creates a feeling of happiness and generosity. When intellectuals use orange they think joyful and positive thoughts.
Gemstone: Tumbled amethyst bring good fortune and balance. Amethyst clears the personal energy field and promotes well being and happiness. When intellectuals carry amethyst, their thought processes are clear and they feel appreciated and respected.
SolePath crystal: Natural quartz crystal points have the ability to hold intention. Program your natural quartz crystal with your SolePath ‘I am …’ statement and keep it with you to hold the nervy of who you were born to be.
Category colour: Purple is a regal colour that commands attention and respect. Purple represents status and material wealth, while at the same time enhancing inner wisdom. Purple stimulates the mind and brings awareness of possibilities. When intellectuals wear purple, their busy brains feel soothed and they are able to explore, trust and share their thought processes.
Animal instinct: Hawk is instinctive, calm,freedom loving; faithful and dependable, who offers sage council and advice.
Cleansing incense: Pure incense creates a beautiful restful energy while space clearing and reaching even the furthest corners. Burn our pure, carefully selected incense daily.
Meditative candle: glass tea light holder in your category colour, includes candle
Feng Shui cyrstal: glass faceted crystals, suspended from the ceiling or light fixture in the middle of a bedroom have the same effect on energy as a disco ball has on the light. When the energy- the stuck energy or the fast moving energy – hits the facets it is moved around the room creating balance.
SolePath book: “SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life” Dr.Debra Ford Msc.D The purpose of this SolePath book is to inspire you towards your great truth, towards the purpose of your life


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