1. Gemstones: set of nine tumbled gemstones


Gemstones are small and perfect containers of earth energy; they bring in the nourishing, nurturing energy of earth. Place a tumbled gemstone in each zone of your space; or keep one in your pocket to bring in the energy of the trigram:
Amethyst in the Wealth & Happiness zone; wind trigram
Tigers eye in the Me, Myself & I zone; fire trigram
Rose quartz in the Love & Attraction zone (2 pieces); earth trigram
Clear quartz in the Fun & Creativity zone; lake trigram
Smoky quartz in the Support & Guidance zone; heaven trigram
Onyx in the Passion & Purpose zone; water trigram
Lapis lazuli in the Wisdom & Spirituality zone; mountain trigram
Jade in the Friends & Family zone; thunder trigram
Citrine in the Health & Joy zone; Tai Chi


Set of nine tumbled gemstones.