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What is my SolePath?
SolePath is your soul ID. At the SolePath Institute we measure your energetics and give to you your best lifehack ever, your SolePath. When you know your SolePath you can be who you dreamed you’d be and who the world needs you to be. Knowing your SolePath is priceless but you pay only what you feel able to give.

Why do I need my SolePath?
SolePath is always only about you, about you as an individual finding your way and walking your path to purpose and a beautiful life. SolePath helps you find your role so that you can make a difference because there is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill; something you are to do, which no one else can do.

What is the mission and vision for SolePath?
SolePath covenant

How do I discover my SolePath?
At the Calgary SolePath Institute, we connect to the field and measure your energetics to reveal your SolePath.

What is my next best step?
Click on the button on the top left to order your SolePath and pay what you feel able to give.

SolePath soul ID
your metaphysical programming,
your LightPaths and DarkPath

SoleHealing analysis identifies energetic
blocks and provides direction for health
and healing. Seth

SoleNumbers analysis
11 numbers that make up
your personal numerology

Pet energetic personality profile – PEPI
You always knew your pet was special
and you are right!

SolePath Weddings & Ceremonies

The SolePath book
the story of SolePath …
so that those who read this …
are inspired towards the great truth
that will be theirs. Seth

SolePantry supplies healing
energy recipes and ingredients,
so that everyday can be better

The SolePath Institute vision.
For everyone to know their SolePath
find their role and
make a difference.

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