I know my SolePath – now what?

You now have your best lifehack ever, your SolePath and discovered that you are simply amazing … what’s your next best step?

Your SolePath is your soul ID. When you know your SolePath you can be who you dreamed you’d be and who the world needs you to be.

We have three ways for you to receive support and guidance for your SolePath journey:

1. SolePath membership
Real help for feeling better; tools for daily inspiration; answers to everything about YOU. Online membership account on your mobile device and computer – first two months FREE.

Your SolePath membership provides daily support and guidance as you find your way and walk your path to purpose and a beautiful life. Get answers to your questions about your LightPaths, your DarkPath and your governing SoleNumber.

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Email or call if you have received your SolePath and would like to receive your first two months free membership.
email: answers@solepath.org
phone: 1.877.866.2086 and 1.403.998.0191

2. 9-steps of remarkable tools
A journey of self-discovery and understanding; creating a kit of your unique SolePath tools. 9 private one hour sessions with a SolePath certified mentor.

Our SolePath mentoring provides awareness and tools so that you can navigate your life and the experiences that expand you and collapse you. Awareness around what is going wrong and tools to switch to a place of expanding energy so that every day can be better.

SolePath mentoring provides you with knowledge and understanding as you live your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning.

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3. You choose challenge
Choose from 8 exciting topics that challenge you to walk your path to purpose and a beautiful life. Choose ANY or choose ALL. Private tutoring, two hour sessions with a SolePath certified technician.

Choose from:

1: SolePath categories – 2 hours
The Tao represents the fundamental nature of the Universe – discover how this relates to the six SolePath categories.
2: LightPaths – 2 hours
LightPaths are a place of expanding energy and provide clues to gifts and greatness, to being your best self, living a healthy, happy, purposeful life.
3: DarkPaths – 2 hours
DarkPaths are a place of collapsed energy and are responsible for limiting sub-conscious responses to life. DarkPaths are where all of your personal growth and soul evolution occurs.
4: SoleNumbers – 2 hours
guides the purpose of life – that ‘thing’ you are meant to do. Shows the inward journey and life’s outward purpose.
5: SoleFaces – 2 hours
uncovers why you may be stuck. The face is a roadmap of life experiences, the story of life, the truest indication of limiting behaviours and habits.
6: SoleHealing – 2 hours
a SoleHealing diagnosis identifies energetic blocks and provides direction for healing; and includes a three-part personal treatment plan.
7: Emotional Divination – 2 hours
moving from dark to light; from collapsed negative energy to expanding positive energy. Finding your way in life, being happier and making a difference in the world.
8: SoleIntending – 2 hours
a profoundly simple concepts that connects the fundamental teaching of the Tao to a balanced intending process to create the life of your dreams.

Choose ANY, choose ALL, complete them in any order you prefer.

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