The core energy for the dark intuitive builder is dark, uncaring mood swings. Making too much of being a deep complex person and generally feeling discontented with life.

On the one hand, there is so much about being an intuitive that serves you – you are after all one of those who can recognize and understand your body and gut reaction to the world – and on the other hand there is so much about being a dark intuitive that trips you up.

When you are experiencing your intuitive category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is sabotage. You simply won’t trust your own wisdom and your gut and you allow the opinions of others to get in the way. You think that you don’t know anything, that everyone else knows better than you and that you always make the wrong decisions. Weird isn’t it that you would not listen to your most reliable guide – yourself?

You really do know what is best for you, yet sometimes it seems that you deliberately go out to sabotage your success – wherever it may be, in relationships, at work, anywhere in your life. Stop it!

Yet, when you are experiencing your intuitive category from a place of expanded energy, your guidance is so certain, so reliable and so accurate.

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