Intellectual Expert LightPath

As an intellectual expert you are a specialist. You acquire extensive knowledge that provides clarity and understanding to others. You are highly skilled and insightful in your field and work well alone. You like expert status and recognition, and why not, you have done the work, the study and the research.

Your core energy as an intellectual expert is a desire to acquire knowledge and specialization in one or two fields. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive outcomes.

Being an intellectual expert means that you thrive on having intimate knowledge of your chosen field of interest. You never skim the surface but rather spend your time researching and specializing in the one or two topics that captivate you. The image is of a pyramid or triangle above your head, distilling the ideas and thoughts that flow from your research and learning into a peak of specialization.

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Intellectuals are the great minds of our world. You respond to the world with logical thought and considerable intelligence. It may be likely that our traditional school system has let you down, so you may not really understand your great mental capacity.

You can trust your ability to think things through and your thought processes are very reliable. There really isn’t anything you can’t solve when you give yourself enough time and put your mind to it. Your mind points you in the right direction because when you clearly think things through you always know what to do. You get into difficulty when you don’t trust this, or allow the opinions of others to get in the way.

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