Compassionate Facilitator LightPath

As a compassionate facilitator, you are all about community. Once you have enfolded others into your community, your joy comes from being of service to them. You love your community, your family and your cultural traditions. You are loyal to a fault and are a sincere and sympathetic person. You are also responsible, reliable and hard working. To be part of a facilitator’s community and to be loved by a facilitator is a gift indeed!

Your core energy as a compassionate facilitator is a desire to be of service and love of your community. This core energy represents those positive core values deep within you that create an expansion of your energy; that create positive, loving feelings.

Being a compassionate facilitator means creating community wherever you go and loving and being of service to this community. It means participating in the lives of your community – your family and friends – and creating meaningful relationships. The interaction that brings you the most joy and peace and a feeling of being on purpose, is connecting with the people you love.

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Compassionates are the ‘love’ SolePaths. You respond to the world through your heart feeling. As a compassionate, you can absolutely trust your heart and when you do trust your positive emotions, you can be certain of a good outcome, situation or decision.

Your heart keeps you safe because when you clearly identify whether you are feeling ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about someone or something, you don’t make mistakes. You get into difficulty when you don’t trust this, or allow the opinions of others to get in the way.

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