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Colour your Mindset New

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.
This article references concepts shared in the following blogs: Understanding Food Colours in SoleHealing and The Colours of the SoleHealing Colour Wheel.

Clean Slate that Old Canvas and Colour Everything New!

We are changing the colour of everything in your life.

Don’t stop with food, see the subtle changes when you sleep in a different position or walk down a different path. Who knows what might be waiting around the next corner for you in shades of inspiration. 

One of the most powerful things you can do is open your mental concept up to the idea of change through subtle exploration of new experience. Maybe it’s your colour wheel. And maybe it’s your light. Have you been seeing the same shade of blue all your life? Maybe it’s time to look at a pale blue sky and then come into your wisdom with a deep rich ocher. 

What you want is a unifying signal to the brain that all that has been explored, is not all there is. You need to introduce the brain to a variety of signals that it hasn’t had the opportunity to explore and let that be the signal to start fine tuning the brain’s resting point. 

Source: SolePath Institute

Fine-tuning the Brain’s Resting Point

A brain that is resting is not a brain that is serving you in its finest form, meaning that the brain requires challenge to be of service. Mental focus and acuity become the name of the game but it’s not all puzzles and riddles. It’s texture and vibration, and form and function. What are you doing today to send a new signal to the brain?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself… 

Are you learning a new behaviour or resetting an old one?

Dr. Janice Brown

Are you complimenting your brain’s ability with a variety of rhythm and intricacy? Or, are you plundering through the wheat field smashing all the grass as you plow through your habitual terrain?

The brain incorporates every single activity as necessary for life. So, as you begin to explore a new playing field it will sit up and pay attention. It’s not that it hasn’t been thinking about doing something all these long years; it’s that you’ve been keeping it compliant by feeding it the same stimulus and continuing to demand of it to behave in the way it has. 

This is what is called the boredom train. No new sights. Face down, eyes forward. Never seeing the new view or the new potential but always expecting something new to come across your path. Whatever it is that you are seeing, if it’s the only thing you’ve been seeing, you need to change it up.

Move to a new view, shake up expectation and plot a new course around an old routine. 

  • Are you only brushing your teeth with your left hand? Try brushing your teeth with your right. (Sacrifice being good and comfortable with something different to make every part of you concentrate in a new way.)
  • Are you looking for ways to simplify meal preparation and continue to make the same boring ham sandwich day in and day out?
    Try it with a splash of vinegar in your mustard.
    Try it with a new sampling of the extraordinary subtle energies that can be found in herbs and fruits. Know that each and every time you add a new colour to your palate your are adding a new dimension to your colour wheel. It becomes an exploration of shades and variations and this is one of the most important ways that you can bring greys and black and white into your meal.
  • What are you doing that would simplify a meal choice that would also bring dimensionality to the depth of the food you are ingesting into your system? 

Your Food Becomes You and You Become Yourself. 

When you really see this you’ll stop playing with all the gooey browns and dive into the explosion of colour that exists in your field. 

All you ever really needed to do is stop and watch the world go by. But many people have settled for stopping and watching a seedling grow at the rate of an elephant. It’s not that the elephant won’t grow, it’s that it will take you two years to get there. Change occurs the moment you decide it will. You should be noticing growth and variation in days or weeks; not years. Why wait?

Begin making the changes that will help you feel better in this very moment. And remember, in the SoleHealing Dynamic Wellness system the first place you notice change is with feeling better mentally and emotionally. Physical changes take time to see, but the first step is always how you are feeling in the moment.

Source: SolePath Institute

Feeling Better is the Key.

If you want to watch transformation occur in your world you are needing to shake up every inch of your space.

Dr. Janice Brown

You do this through:

  • exploring food and food colour density
  • playing with clothing and tantalizing new ideas
  • fetching the water from the pool instead of the sink (just get creative)
  • walking outdoors for extended periods of time
  • exploring the sunset with your eyeballs
  • exploring the field across the way with your sense of smell and touch
  • really roughing up the way you consider that a smooth sailing ship only moves on flat waters of boring routine

A smooth sailing ship moves with the winds of change. 

If you could imagine that everything you have ever seen or said is lying there right inside your head, you would know how habitual your motion is by the words you choose to express over and over, repeatedly.

What would it take for you to start a sentence in a new way and begin to stimulate the mind and brain with a new rhythm of insight? Is there any purpose to only sharing the same old syllables in the same old order?

Only to root you in your present moment condition of experience. 

It’s time for change…Colour your mindset new!

ACTION: Change your present moment experience.

Watch your words: Have you told the same story to yourself and everyone else a hundred times? A thousand times? A million times? Change comes when we change cyclical thought. Tell a new story about yourself and never speak the old story again.

Remind yourself: I am feeling better and better every day. Tell everyone, “I am feeling better and better every day.”

Choose fundamental health: “I choose health. I am healthy.” Remind yourself. Choose it every day. As many times a day as you need to until it becomes your new story.

Dr. Janice Brown

This article is part of the SoleHealing Fundamentals series.
Dr. Janice Brown, D. Ac.

Author: Janice M Brown, SCM, Rev.

Dean of Academics, SolePath certified master mentor, Academy of Inner Wisdom Faculty, SolePath Instructor through the SolePath Institute

Janice’s SolePath is Spiritual Warrior and Intellectual Lateral Thinker. Her core values are her passion for life and her amazing problem solving gifts. Janice is a Wellness Visionary who is deeply fulfilled by helping people see the true brilliance of who they are and discovering the many aspects of the self that contribute to a person’s well-being.

Janice is an avid writer and explorer of life, who teaches people understandings of metaphysical concepts and mastery of self through the SolePath Institute. She is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and SolePath Certified master mentor. Janice has a 4 year Doctor of Chinese medicine diploma and has been involved in the health field since the 90’s. She uses the wisdom of the body and the mind in her wellness consulting and she is the author of the SoleHealing protocols. 

Contact: DrJanice@SolePath.org

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