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Compassionate Facilitator DarkPath

The core energy for the dark compassionate facilitator is having a ‘sheep mentality’. Following blindly and being easily lead astray. Sometimes being a poor judge of character and then being unable to listen to reason when this is pointed out to you.

On the one hand, there is so much about being a compassionate that serves you – you are after all one of the world’s most loving people, with a big heart – and on the other hand there is so much about being a dark compassionate that trips you up.

When you are experiencing your compassionate category from a place of collapsed energy, the overall negative attitude is a victim mentality. You give and give to others and then feel taken advantage of; you do not set boundaries and then complain of being taken for granted. People really don’t know how to interact with you or where they stand with you.

You are not the best judge of character and often make mistakes with people, either of the heart, or in business dealings. Because of this, you are fearful that something will always go wrong and this fear is generally what causes things to go wrong.

Yet, when you are experiencing your compassionate category from a place of expanded energy, your love and your big heart just makes us feel wonderful.

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